Celebrity Drug Addiction

The vast majority of people who suffer from an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs will never have to endure paparazzi, probing late-night television interviews and unflattering press. Alcohol or drug-addicted celebrities, however, not only have to deal with their addictions, but they also have to manage their reputations among their followers. Celebrity drug addiction stories are as old as celebrities themselves — from Billie Holliday to John Belushi to Cory Monteith, Zac Efron and Britney Spears, some have happy endings and some, unfortunately, are sad.

Celebrities With Drug Addictions

Many celebrity drug addicts’ stories are well known. Lindsay Lohan, once a fresh-faced child star with the world on a string, struggles very publicly with sobriety. Glee star Cory Monteith shocked the entertainment world when he died of a heroin and alcohol overdose. Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen and Whitney Houston all experienced legal problems as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. Other celebrities, however, have struggled with and treated addiction quietly.

Zac Efron of High School Musical quietly attended rehab in 2013. Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis didn’t think she’d live to 30 because of alcoholism. Jamie Lee Curtis stole prescription drug medication from a family member to feed her substance abuse problem. Daniel Radcliffe — also known as Harry Potter — quit drinking in 2010. Samuel L. Jackson portrayed a crack addict convincingly not only because of his acting skills, but also because he knew drug and alcohol addiction from personal experience. Robin Williams suffered from addiction to alcohol and cocaine for years, and his tragic death in 2014 was ruled a suicide.

In short, many people effectively hide their personal struggles with addiction — even drug-addicted celebrities with no privacy.

Finding Sobriety at Rehab

Regardless of your personal circumstances, enrolling in a rehab center is the first, courageous step towards recovery. Even if you have tried treatment before, many rehab centers may still be able to help. View our list of top rehabs to find the best treatment plan for you.