If you’re looking for the best substance abuse rehab facility, you’re not alone. There is also no easy answer. The simple answer is that the best rehab facility is the one that best meets your needs for treatment philosophy, location, amenities and cost.

Choosing a Treatment Philosophy

Although all rehab centers share a common goal — to help addicted individuals live a healthier, safer lifestyle — the approaches they use are frequently different from each other. Some treatment centers focus exclusively on the 12 Step model, created by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous over 75 years ago. Other rehab clinics use an “alternative” approach that uses only evidence-based therapeutic techniques. Many blend the 12 Steps with evidence-based treatment.

best-rehabIt’s well worth your time to speak with admissions staff members at the rehabs you’re considering. If you appreciate the 12 Step philosophy but you believe your loved one may also benefit from evidence-based care such as psychotherapy, choosing a center that focuses exclusively on one or the other may be unwise.


Location, Size and Amenities Matter

Location is an extremely important consideration. If your loved one enjoys warm weather or a mountainous location, choose a rehab location with those qualities. Other important considerations include food quality, access to fitness equipment, and how your loved one will spend his or her free time while in rehab. Don’t forget to ask about size, because a large program might not be able to provide the personalized care your loved one needs.

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Our list of top rehab centers in the world may help you narrow down your selections. For more information, contact a counselor at one of the top ranked rehabs today.