Florida is one of the most popular locations for recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. This year, one Florida rehab made our list of Top Rehabs in the world. Is a Florida rehab right for you and your family?

The Benefits of a Florida Recovery

People who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol often enjoy spending time outdoors during recovery. Spending time outdoors improves mood, which is important — especially for individuals who may be suffering from side effects such as depression or anxiety. Florida rehabs often schedule a great deal of programming outdoors for this reason. Its subtropical climate also makes outdoor activities such as swimming or simply taking a stroll extremely appealing on a year-round basis.

beachThe coastline is another reason why people come to Florida to quit using drugs and alcohol. From the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean — as well as the countless lakes and rivers in between — activities such as fishing, going to the beach and boating are all incredibly popular. Although most of the recovery work that takes place at rehab is done in the therapist’s office, there is a clear benefit to enjoying life without drugs and alcohol. These activities can show recovering addicts that living a fulfilling life while sober is possible.

Florida is also easily accessible by car, plane, bus and train. That makes it easy for far-away family members to visit recovering loved ones in rehab. Florida’s many metropolitan centers also mean there are plenty of professional opportunities for those who decide that the Florida lifestyle is the one that satisfies them best.

Learn More About Our Top-Ranked Rehab Centers

Although there are many addiction recovery centers in Florida, not every program shares the same treatment philosophy, offers the same amenities or is the same size. Before you enroll yourself or the person you love in rehab, take some time to explore your options. Our chart of top rehab centers may help.

For more information about recovering from drug and/or alcohol abuse, call a counselor at one of our top ranked rehabs now.