When it comes to choosing between getting sober and quitting smoking, getting sober is the top priority. Since smoking cigarettes is widely considered the lesser of two evils by many rehab centers, some of the top substance abuse recovery programs in the world permit it. If you are trying to get sober but you’re worried you won’t be able to smoke in rehab, our list of top-ranked addiction recovery centers in the world can help you choose the program that’s right for you.

rehab where you can smoke

Choose a Rehab Center

There are thousands of rehab centers and recovery programs in the world. Not every program uses the same approach, because there is still uncertainty about why and how addiction develops. Treating people with addiction means addressing their most urgent health problems, which can include crippling depression. Other factors, including smoking, are not always the most important priority.

If you are interested in quitting smoking at the same time, your rehab center may be able to help. If you are not interested in quitting smoking, then finding a program that lets you smoke should be important.

The focus of your rehab program should be healing all aspects of your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Because individuals who smoke cigarettes are likely to become anxious when they can’t have nicotine, it could make recovering from using drugs or alcohol more difficult. The bottom line is that you have enough on your mind without having to tackle every bad habit at once.

Relax With Rehabilitation Center Amenities

If you use drugs or alcohol, and you want to make a clean break from cigarettes, too, choose a rehab center that is well-equipped with amenities that will distract and relax you. You might find yourself with an increased urge to smoke as you progress in your sobriety, but you already know cigarettes damage your health. The good news is that some rehab centers offer amenities that may help you relax while reducing the urge to smoke at the same time.

If you found a rehab where you can smoke, you should also ask about other activities that can keep you distracted if you decide to quit. These may include swimming, golfing, fishing or massage therapy. You might also ask about other amenities, such as private rooms and bathrooms.

You can make your time in rehab about more than quitting drugs or alcohol — you can use it to reinvent your life through stronger relationships, healthy stress-reduction techniques and fun hobbies. When you choose a rehab center that offers high-quality amenities, you are well-positioned to leave the past behind and make a brand-new start.

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